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water blessing desaeko

Water Blessing & Guru Consultation ©

Water Blessing _ Guru Consultation

Water Blessing & 
Guru Consultation 

Embark on a spiritual journey of self-discovery with our local Guru. Start your experience with a sacred blessing in the natural pool, built by Guru Mangku himself, where three sources of water flow together in  harmony. Then, receive a personal consultation that will address any  physical and spiritual health  concerns you may have. This is a  unique opportunity to gain insight  and understanding into ancient
healing practices. 



1 300 000/Person (Minimum 2+) 
2 000 000 for SINGLE 
3-4 Hours 

Includes: Transportation, offerings, Consultation with Guru Mangku, Translator, Healing Session



It is our deepest honor to witness
your journey with Guru Mangku as we  beheld magical healing throughout  the years. 

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